2018 Podere San Biagio Cafone



Cafone does not mean rude as many think, but it originates from Napulitano (a language spoken in the kingdom of the 2 Sicilies before the unification of Italy) and etymologically derives from Ca ‘Fune (with the rope).
When there was the abandonment of the countryside for the cities, the peasants, who had many children, scared by the immensity of those avenues and squares, would tie their children with a rope as a leash to prevent them from getting lost. The locals who saw them tied in that way, despised and derided them and used to comment: "Ca 'Fune (with the rope) have arrived.” 100% Montepulaciano. Stainless steel fermented for about 2 weeks and aged in the same containers. The wine spends some extra time in bottle to soften tannins and acidity. Bottled free of any additions. Great balance of freshness and substance. On the nose scents of earth, roots and wild herbs. Explosion of fruit on the palate.

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