2018 Peter Lauer Ayler Riesling Faß 2 Maceration



The Lauer family estate is located in Ayl.
Ayl is a small village on the west side of the Saar River. The estate is planted exclusively to Riesling; some parcels are around a century old. The great majority of wines are sourced from the famed Ayler Kupp. Ayler Kupp is a single mountain that has an intricate tapestry of parcels and sub-parcels. Three weeks maceration on the skins has produced this superb wine dry tasting wine - red apple skin on the nose with brightness and verve, in the mouth it is broad and tactile, you sense the grip from the skins maceration but it is very fine. The finish is long pure and clear and this is a super and versatile wine - this is made quite unlike his other wines which are centred on acid, this is centred on phenolics - a beauty.

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