2018 Partida Creus BS



Hailing from Piedmont, in the mid 90’s architects Antonella Gerosa & Massimo Marchiori moved to Barcelona.
But they yearned a slower life style, to grow there own produce and reconnect with the land, so they searched the surrounding areas and in 2001 found a property in Bonastre, just over an hour south of Barcelona. This isolated property “El Maiol” is surrounded by a protected forest, and was planted with almond and olive trees, interspersed with rosemary, thyme and Mediterranean scrub. Blanc de Sumoll - a blanc de noir, the Sumoll is directly pressed. Hedonistic layers of oyster shell, salt bush, dried sage, almonds and orange peel. Saline, fresh and alive with savoury edges, this takes you on a journey.

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