2018 Pacina Rosato



All Sangiovese from the awesome Pacina farmer-producers.
Mixed agriculture (the faro and lentils are off the chain!), all organic, all Tuscany, just outside of the Chianti DOC. Always great tannin in these wines. Love the wines in general. No SO2 here. Very savoury, rustic in a way, earth and ferrous and bloody characters. Salted plum, nutmeg, dried roses, Chinese five spices, a ‘very Pacina perfume’ though flavours are the same. Mushroomy notes through the mix of this exotic set of characters. In the first three minutes of opening it appeared to have mouse taint, but five minutes later, inexplicably gone. Gone gone. A beautiful, musky, textural and fresh-feeling wine. Rose hip tea to close. So delicious and compelling. Savoury as. They don’t make many rose like this. It transcends rose. Strap in. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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