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2018 Momento Mori Give up the Ghost heathcote, australia

There isn’t a lot of Greco di Tufo grown in Australia.
This wine was not pressed but had the free run juice “drained” off. A particularly expensive way to make wine but the results speak for themselves. Unfortunately though this also means there was not much of it.
The nose is very refined and complex with a dominating feel of an alpine forest with notes of pine resin, nettle, fresh cut herbs, uplifting florals and a lemon citrus that note that holds it all together. The palate is much of the same and is delicate and fine whilst having great energy and harmonious balance with nothing out of place. An extremely structured wine that really becomes defined with some air. It has great acidity, freshness and salinity with super-fine chalky tannins to round it out.

Origin heathcote, australia
Year 2018
Varietal Greco di Tufo
Style elegant & complex