2018 Le Bouc à Trois Pattes Miss Piggy Blues



Miss Piggy actually has a drawing of a three legged goat.
This is a very light, yet elegant wine, made from 75% Syrah and 25% Muscat de Hambourg. How did he make it light when using Syrah and Black Muscat (Muscat de Hambourg is a black grape unlike most other Muscats which are white)? What he did was direct press the Syrah to produce a white wine (most red grapes have white juice which becomes red through extended contact with the skins which is where the colour is). He then macerated the Black Muscat for a week to extract some colour and combined the two to produce this wonderful wine.

  • Origin

  • languedoc roussillon, france

  • Year

  • 2018

  • Varietal

  • red and white blend

  • Style

  • complex & interesting

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