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2018 Konpira Maru Admiral Adama south burnett, australia

Notes from the boys that make the wines...
This wine is proof that minimal intervention wines don’t come easy. It’s been an absolute labour of love every year, especially in the hands-on setup we have in Murgon. Every step is completely manual, which is hard work but allows a really fine resolution management which is critical for a wine made without sulphur in tricky conditions. Just like the La Douche Tropicale De Murgon (skin-contact verdelho) this wine shows the full breadth of possibilities with these varieties. This wine is full skin contact and no additions. The best part of this wine though was Sam sweating over it after it was bottled. Normally modelling himself as a human block of granite, impervious to emotion, the man turned to water as he sooked and seethed over its development. In the end it has turned out a complete beauty.

Origin south burnett, australia
Year 2018
Varietal semillon
Style park wines