2018 Davide Spillare L1



Davide Spillare, a member of vinnature, works about four hectares of his family’s vineyards, right behind his house and winery somewhere in the village labyrinth of Gambellara.
An early apprentice to well-known natural wine scene pioneer Angiolino Maule, Davide readily adopted Maule’s ideas for his parents’ winery that at the time was still delivering their grapes to the local co-op. Biodynamic viticulture and the complete abatement of technology in the cellar (except for the pump, as he points out) are the halmarks of his philosophy, but more importantly, when it comes to the character of his wines, spontaneouse fermentation, and a zero filtration, fining and sulfur policy. Despite the lack of added sulfur, Davide’s wines are elegant and linear, a testament to his craft which wasn’t honed over night and involved some less than expected results in his early years, as he freely admits. This is clean, crisp and crowd pleasing fizzy Garganega.

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