2018 Commune of Buttons Basketolo



Notes from Jasper:
The 2018 year was an excellent year for ripening with cool and dry days that continued well into autumn. The cool nights that accompanied these miraculous days provided excellent conditions for the full maturation of the 8 rows of Nebbiolo found sitting next to the Clover vineyard at the commune. We waited until Anzac day to pick, a full month after the last of the chardonnay, with all of the surrounding vines turning yellow and losing the first of their leaves. The bunches were ripe.The fermentation was for three weeks. We kept it warm with blankets pumping over twice a day religiously. The smell of red frogs and musk filled the winery as it had in Piemonte. We tasted the wine every day looking for tannin and structure. Once we were satisfied we pressed into tank allowed the wine to go through malo-lactic fermentation. We then racked off gross lees and filled a 500L barrel. The wine was aged for 18months and bottled in august of 2019. It has been aging in bottle for 1 year and is still very fresh. The wine has the characteristic red fruits of nebbiolo ripe cherries cardamom and currants, with persistent long ashy tannins. Its still a baby but is accessible and highly enjoyable, particularly on the 3rd and 4th day of opening.

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