2018 Casa Belfi Naturalmente Frizzante



The wines of Casa Belfi are produced in is San Polo di Piave, in the Province of Treviso just north of Venice.
These wines are made without any additions at all from healthy vineyards, the same wine Prosecco was made in the 1800s and before. The wines are made in an ancient method called Col Fondo, which translates to “with the bottom” meaning that the sediment or lees are still present in the bottle. In contrast to mass market Proseccos these wines are bone dry, cloudy and yeasty. The sediment at the bottom (which would be removed in other sparkling wines like Champagne) is left in the bottle intentionally to add depth and complexity to the wine. You’ll find these wines slightly less sparkling than other Proseccos as well which are made in completely different way. These are old school Italian Pet Nats.

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