2018 Alex Foillard Brouilly



Notes from the importer - Andrew Guard...
Alex Foillard’s Brouilly comes from the aptly named 'La Folie' (Madness), a steep vineyard just above Reverdon. The general rule is that Brouilly is the Côte de Brouilly’s slightly softer, more sensuous sibling and Foillard’s is a glorious example. Alex picked relatively early and has produced two 2018 wines that go against the norm of a vintage that produced some quite burly wines. Tasting these in Angers earlier this year I was struck buy the luminous but not opaque colour, the gloriously fragrant aromas of strawberries, cherries and cold wet stones and their lithe and delicate mouthfeel. These were very delicious, wines to drink with gusto and that tickle the senses. The bloodline is strong and this is quite superb!

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