2018 Achillée Quetsches Alors

Beer & Cider


Please note - open this wild one ice cold, gently, over the sink!!
It is a ‘wine’ fermented in the bottle, produced with biodynamically farmed plums and then given a boost from a splash of riesling. All from Alsace. It tastes somewhere between a sour lambic beer, plum kombucha and dark rose wine, though the bubbles are there, coarse and refreshing, and acid screeches through the wine like a banshee in the wind. I loved it from the first gush when I lost a third of the bottle. Juicy, plummy, racy, so very, very tart, almost salty minerality and a shot of balsamic vinegar tang for good measure. Wild, delicious, wickedly thirst-quenching stuff, and just so darn original. One bottle wasn’t enough, and at 5.5% alcohol, maybe it won’t be. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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