2017 Olek Bondonio Carolina



This is a barbera with some dolcetto and pelaverga.
Powerful but fresh style here. Barbera didn’t suit a solo wine in 2017 from Olek, per se. I loved this wine from tank during my visit to Olek Bondonio in June 2018, great to see it come to life here. Pretty as can be. Floral notes, violets and roses, cranberry and strawberry. So lovely to sniff on. Massively juicy to taste, holds some slick sweetness but finishes in a cascade of bony tannin, amaro herbs, cranberry-like tang. Holds a lot of flavour, ripeness, sweet fruit, prettiness, but lifts and drives on a bed of vitality and crunch. Delicious, moreish drinking. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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