2017 Kumo no Miyako Bijin Miyako-Bijin Shuzo



The Miyako-Bijin ‘White Label’ is made with a traditional yamahai ferment to give the sake a robust palate full of umami.
There has been no charcoal filtration, pasteurisation or dilution so that the sake retains all of its character. Pressed with the traditional Tenbin-Shibori rather than a modern mechanical press to create a sake that is about quality rather than quantity. The White Label is made from Gohyakumangoku, one of Japan’s most popular sake rice to create a sake with lovely fragrance, fresh palate and dry finish. Sweet spiced melon and apple fruit, with a clean and refined texture full of umami.

  • Origin

  • japan

  • Year

  • 2017

  • Varietal

  • gohyakumangoku

  • Style

  • elegant & complex

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