2017 Joshua Cooper Doug's Vineyard



From Doug’s Vineyard, next to Barry’s cow paddock and Trevor’s dope plantation.
It’s made from pinot noir – picked as per the table wine. “I wanted to make the best possible rose that I could”, says Josh Cooper. Long-slow pressing, goes into barrel for a year, long and slow to bottle. Nailed it. Strawberry and Campari scents, very fragrant, floral notes too. So inviting. The palate is superb, a cavalcade of sweet fruit and sour, tangy, savoury elements, packed dense into a mid-weight rose frame, with supple mid palate and a pin-point-refreshing finish.Whoa. At the apex of rose here, but a stylish, compelling wine of any ilk. Unreal. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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