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2017 George Lilac adelaide hills, australia

Our favourite Chilean importers are now making wine!
Alice and Lucy from Cultivar Vinos, an amazing Chillean wine importer, made some juice in the Adelaide Hills last year. Notes are from them..:
Sustainably farmed Pinot from the Anderson Hill Vineyard, Adelaide Hills. Only copper and sulphur applied to the vineyard, minimally irrigated, a high and cool site, early pick for the Pinot. 5 days cab mac, 5 days of pigeage, once a day, pressed to barrel (3rd use french) bottled just before malo had fully gone thru and with residual Co2 for a very gentle spritz. The idea being to highlight the fruit with a little effervescence instead of hiding it under a ton of bubbles.

Origin adelaide hills, australia
Year 2017
Varietal pinot noir
Style park wines