2017 Chateau de la Roulerie Les Grandes Brosses



100% Chenin Blanc.
Philippe Germain doesn’t believe in high alcohol for Chenin Blanc, thinking around 13% works best. Manual harvest, picking in tries, facilitates the management of ripeness and alcohol, as well as allowing for some fruit to be directed into sweeter Layon cuvées rather than dry Anjou. Philippe has moved away from barriques, however, and now Roulerie whites will be fermented in stainless steel or large wooden vats, without malolactic fermentation which he does not favor. This reflects Philippe’s philosophy, stating that he “doesn’t use oak for the oak;” he is not looking to mark the wine with the aromas or flavors of wood, as he believes top quality Chenin Blanc simply doesn’t need or benefit from the treatment. This wine is vinified in 2 to 4 years old 400 litre casks for 20 days and then aged on the lees for 4 to 6 months with weekly stirring of the lees in barrels with bottling in September.

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