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2017 Brian Rizza (375ml) tasmania, australia

Brian wines are pretty much what two Tasmanian winemakers and one of their wine writer mates get up to in their spare time during harvest-time; making wines that are interesting and (hopefully) delicious.
Brian is a celebration of Brians of the Australian wine industry, in that doing the opposite to what most winemakers named Brian would do, has ended up making some pretty wicked wine.
The winemakers of Brian really like drinking wine from Jura, but Tasmanian chardonnay is expensive, and savagnin, incredibly, is also expensive. Therefore, the Brian winemakers got some riesling from Tasmania, naturally fermented it, put it into a large, old oak barrel, and left it for over a year without topping up the barrel. This was to gain some oxidative qualities (nuttiness, saline characters). It also grew a small flor (more nuttiness, savouriness). It was bottled unfined and unfiltered. It’s pretty much what riesling would look like if it was grown and made in Jura by decent winemakers.

Origin tasmania, australia
Year 2017
Varietal riesling
Style smashable