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2016 Pierre Cotton Cote de Brouilly beaujolais, france

Pierre is the 5th generation winemaker to take the reigns of the Sanvers & Cotton families' Cote de Brouilly holdings.
The family run Domaine, and the family home, sit smack-bang, mid-slope, right in the middle of the mountain-side known as the Côte de Brouilly, the highest and most visually spectacular of all of the Beaujolais’ crus.
The Cote de Brouilly sits on a geological anomaly in terms of Beaujolais’ Gamay production. Here, there is no granite to be seen. Rather, this is a large upwelling of magmatic rock in a form which looks like a volcano (but is not). The rock is known as diorite, a very hard blue stone, virtually impossible to break. The slope is vertiginous, so the old bush vines cling on as best they can (as does the vigneron). The wines of the diorite terroir of the Cote de Brouilly can leave one speechless. The playfulness of granite grown Gamay is swapped for an intense, fiery mineral drive, and a latent power hidden behind a sleek body. A pure powerful pleasure.

Origin beaujolais, france
Year 2016
Varietal gamay
Style elegant & complex