2016 Pacina Pachna



There's only 12 bottles of this in the country!
Pachna is the Etruscan word (the local dialect) which gives the winery its name. For the Etruscans, Pachna was the god of grapes: the Bacchus of the Romans. Over the years they have dedicated wines to the god Pachna which for them were to be handed down for particular history and character. Pachna 2016 is the result of a selection of Sangiovese. Grapes with truly exceptional characteristics have allowed them to extend the maceration until spring. The wine fermented in cement and macerated for 6 months and was in cement until the end of the following summer. Malolactic fermentation also took place in cement. Aged in 17hl barrels for 24 months. In bottle for 12 months before release and no SO2 added. One label was designed by Lucia, who is Giovanna's mother and the other by Vilù (Viola), the daughter of their dear friends.

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