Purveyors of fine grape juice
2016 Mioya 'Yuho Yamaoroshi' ishikawa, japan

Ishikawa Prefecture is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the Chūbu Region.
Yamaoroshi refers to the vigorous and labour-intensive mashing of the moto [starter ferment] with long poles by brewery workers to create a puree of the ingredients. When this method is used for the moto the Sake is known as Kimoto. The Yuho Yamaoroshi is made with Gohyakumangoku sake rice and Notohikari table rice which are both grown locally in the Ishikawa prefecture and is Ginjō [rice polished down to 60% or less], Muroka [no charcoal filtration] Nama [unpasteurised] and Genshu [undiluted] along with being Junmai [Pure Rice sake]. Aromas of rice and fresh green herbs. A refined yet earthy palate, rounded texture with a sweet lift. A dry and spicy finish full of umami.

Origin ishikawa, japan
Year 2016
Style wild style