2016 Mii No Kotobuki Biden Kojo (720ml)

Spirits & Sake


Established in 1922, Mii no Kotobuki are slow-pace brewers, with a high attention to detail, producing tiny amounts of sensational sake.
The Toji (Master Brewer) at Mii no Kotobuki is Tadatsugu Inoue who has been making the Sake here since 1996. For the ‘Biden Kojo’ Inoue-san utilises a local rice ‘Kokuryo Miyako’ which they grow themselves. The Sake is also aged for two years before release. The ‘Biden Kojo’ shows an elegant savoury nose. On the palate there is a straw and melon character with a balanced texture with a hint of grip. This is all supported by a backbone of fine acidity.

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