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2016 Mallaluka Wizard Piss canberra, australia

From Sam Leyshon, known for his Mallaluka wines.
Very candid here – “I had this batch of shiraz that was to me too volatile, and had some brett, but I didn’t want to put it in the dam so I thought I would bottle it and sell it for not much”. Honest stuff. It isn’t that bretty or that volatile, but that’s the caveat. Those things are there. Balsamic and rustic charm. Why not? What a great name for this wine too. And the label!
Savoury scents married to berry scents, sweet and herbal, touches of earth and undergrowth, whiff of balsamic lift. Sloshes in the palate with sour-sweet tang, slippery texture, oiliness, wild herbal edges, distinct berry sweetness. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s loose. Drink cold and fast. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

Origin canberra, australia
Year 2016
Varietal shiraz
Style park wines