Purveyors of fine grape juice
2016 La Cidrerie du Vulcain Raw Boskoop Sec fribourg, switzerland

Jacques Perritaz, the man behind La Cidrerie du Vulcain, works exclusively with the local orchard fruits of Fribourg: ancient varieties of apples, pears and quinces grown on high-branched, untreated trees.
The Fribourg terroir, with its cool climate and diverse soils, provides for beautiful nuances in the aromatic expression of the Vulcain ciders, an effect that is only enhanced by the old age of the high-branched trees.
A new offering this year, Jacques has sourced a grower for the rare Belle de Boskoop. This is a sought after variety for dry cidre as it provides complex, mixed sensations of freshness, fruit and minerality. It is a 'cidre de soif' or a thirsty cidre - one to quench the thirst ! Dry, crisp and uplifting, don't miss this for the Summer.

Origin fribourg, switzerland
Year 2016
Varietal apple
Style elegant & complex