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2016 Kéké Descombes Beaujolais Cuvée Kéké beaujolais, france

Kewin “Kéké” Descombes is the son of legendary winemaker Georges Descombes and half-brother of Damian Coquelet. BIG NAMES.
His approach is similar to his father’s - organic farming, semi-carbonic maceration, indigenous yeasts, minimal or no sulphur. This is classic Beaujolais: red berries, vine sap, earth, hints of game and iodine. Clean and quite dry. Light-bodied and not particularly concentrated but wonderfully pure. The ripe fruit is laced with slate and stems. Fluent acidity keeps things fresh and adds a tang to the finish that calls you back for another sip.

Origin beaujolais, france
Year 2016
Varietal gamay
Style fresh & alive