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2016 Frederick Stevenson Riesling clare valley, australia

Winemakers Steve Crawford and Michael Downer (Murdoch Hill) were equal winners of this year’s Young Guns Of Wine competition.
Ironic then that I got to see them back-to-back in the Mike Bennie Tasting Facility today. Both drank exactly two cans of beer each. Michael took his second, walking out the door to his next appointment. Winemakers, ey? It was a hot day in Sydney.
Golden delicious apple coloured. Hit of spicy, peppery, savoury aromas over ripe citrus and dried apple scents. It’s a heady, complex perfume. Textural mayhem in the palate – but, oh so appealing. Cuts and thrusts through the palate, mad angles, zings with tangy acid and sloshes with juicy pleasure. Some nuttiness and sour balsamic zing too. Cool wine this, and you could see it soaring with salty, greasy food. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

Origin clare valley, australia
Year 2016
Varietal riesling
Style light & dry