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2014 Tae no Hana Moriki Shuzo japan

The total time for brewing sake in the Kimoto method is about 4 weeks, around 2 weeks longer than the modern sokujo method.
This longer ferment time and traditional mashing creates a sake full of umami, texture and lovely lactic notes. The Tae no Hana: Kimoto is made with Omachi rice polished to 90%, which means only 10% of the rice grain has been removed. Less polishing means that more of the proteins, fats and amino acids are left in the grain and helps create a sake with a richer palate weight and flavour. The Tae no Hana: Kimoto has aromas of freshly fermenting sake and pears. A rich round mouthfeel with a hint of spice and pear fruit. A robust sake where the finish is long, yet delicate.

Origin japan
Year 2014
Style big & bold