Purveyors of fine grape juice
2014 Chiyo Shuzō ‘Shinomine Chokara’ nara, japan

Some notes from the importer..:
We are very excited to receive an allocation from Chiyo Shuzō of this great sake. Due to its cult status locally, all of the sake Chiyo makes sells out very quickly, so we have been working with the brewery to secure an annual allocation for Australia. The Japanese word ‘kara’ means dry and name ‘chokara’ means this sake is extra dry style. Even though this is a dry sake it also has a lovely freshness, making it an incredibly drinkable and very versatile sake. Shinomine Chokara has an aroma of fresh melon and honeysuckle. When opened this sake has a light spritz with a refreshing palate of fresh green herbs and melon and a finish that is long and dry.

Origin nara, japan
Year 2014
Style light & dry