Purveyors of fine grape juice
2013 Chikuma Nishiki 'Kizan' nagano, japan

Junmai - Pure rice sake.
Kizan Sanban is a fruity and full-bodied Ginjō, where the rice has been polished down to 55% of it’s original size [to be classified Ginjō it must be polished down to 60% or less of its original size]. The Kizan Sanban is made in 2 tanks, one of which is pasteurised [known as hiire], but the version we enjoy the best and choose to import for Australia, because of its more lively, fresh palate is the Nama or unpasteurised version. Kizan Sanban is also Genshu [undiluted] but is naturally only 15% alcohol, as when it is brewed the fermentation is stopped early to retain a high sugar content [which therefore reduces the alcohol]. This residual sugar combined with its refreshing acidity creates a smooth rounded palate with flavours of apple and aniseed.


Origin nagano, japan
Year 2013
Style fresh & vibrant