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2008 Brash Higgins Bloom mclaren vale, australia

This is chardonnay that was born in 2008 and left to mature under flor, and ullaged intentionally, a la Jura wines.
Bronze, golden colour. Smells fantastic, of amontillado, sea spray, cashew, toffee apples, caramelised nuts. Palate is thick set, rich, but lifts on saline acidity and has a Fino sherry-like liveliness and tang to it. Distraction comes in the finish as it closes with soapy, sudsy characters and something akin to overripe fruit or similar. It’s great up to the close. It’s got lots of mojo, feels character-filled, and if your bottle is better and colder, maybe righteous. Kudos for the attempt here. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

Origin mclaren vale, australia
Year 2008
Varietal chardonnay
Style elegant & complex
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