We've got a rewards program. 🆈🅰🆈

Meet the simplest and best rewards program. Mainly because we're legends ☞ but also because we love you. You choose when you take your voucher.

  • Level 1

    Earn 200 points and receive a $10 DRNKS Voucher

  • Level 2

    Put your points in the Vintec, until you reach 2000, then get a $250 DRNKS voucher + a bottle of pet nat.

  • Level 3

    Leave your points in the cellar until you earn 5000 then get a $600 voucher + a bottle of Champagne.

The Nitty Gritty

✓ $1 = ① Point
✓ Once you hit 5000 points - the count resets
✓ You can use the voucher for anything online
✓ Vouchers valid for 60 days

🅵🆈🅸Contributive sales will be based on individual customers name and addresses - you can't get 30 mates together and all order to the one address - we're way too clever for that lol.