Purveyors of fine grape juice
2013 Kidoizumi 'Hakugyokuko' chiba, japan

A ripe, richer style of sake. Most of Chiba prefecture lies on the hilly Bōsō Peninsula, a rice farming region, the East coast of which is known as the Ninety-Nine League Plain, an especially productive area.
Hakugyokukō is Junmai [Pure Rice sake], Ginjō [rice polished 60% or more] Muroka [no charcoal filtration] Nama [unpasteurised] and Genshu [undiluted] made using their traditional Hot Yamahai fermentation method. Hakugyokukō has a ripe fruit-driven nose an a deep-layered complex taste. Honeydew melon, lychee and spice on the palate which gives sweetness followed by refreshing, lingering acidity and robust dryness.

Origin chiba, japan
Year 2013
Style big & bold