We've started a new thing. We like new things. They're fun. This one was inspired by the current cozzie livs situation. It's a very simple concept. Use our contacts to buy wines directly from importers and winemakers. Better for them and better for you. Sure, it means you won't get our usual super fast delivery, as the wine needs to come from the winery, but do you know what you do get? Insane pricing. All wines need to be purchased as 6 packs or dozens, and there are a few mixed packs available too. Anyway... Drum roll... Introducing..:

If you're the kind of person that likes buying in bulk, MARKETS is your new best friend. If you're the kind of person that likes a deal, MARKETS is your new best friend. If you're the kind of person that likes supporting farmers and small businesses directly, MARKETS is your new best friend. If you're actually looking for a new best friend please keep in mind MARKETS is just a section on our website and isn't actually able to be friends with anyone.

Log in, click back and sit up. Let the internet do the heavy lifting. We've opened up our rolodex for you - you now have direct access to some of Australia's best wine growers and importers. They're supplying 6 packs, dozens and mixed packs of their wines, we're putting them on their website, and they're shipping them direct to you from the winery / warehouse. This means you miss out on about 3 people taking their cut and get the best prices on these wines in the country.

Yes. On the DRNKS website, you will notice a new “MARKETS” badge on certain products which indicates that the product is not delivered by us, but by the winemaker or importer of that wine. Place your order like you always would. We send the relevant order details to the winemaker or importer, who will grab a box of wine and send it directly to you – pretty simple! We still oversee the entire process so if there are any issues or you need help along the way - just contact us via email, chat or Instagram and we will respond in our regular, lightning quick way.

The same security applies - your financial details are never shared with winemakers or importers.

Buy a 6 pack, a dozen or a mixed pack at pretty amazing prices. Wait a bit longer than usual for it to arrive as it needs to come from the winery. SIMPLE AS.

Get scrolling through our BlackBerry here.