Owen Latta is living the dream. He now runs his family's long established Ballarat winery - Eastern Peake - and on the side gets to make his own wines - LattaVINO. Eastern Peake are some of the country's most expressive, refined and pure wines. LattaVINO tends to be a little wackier, but still maintains cleanliness and precision. 

We asked him some questions..:

What's the favourite wine you make?

Definitely Chardonnay, I love the way it turns its back on me then reappears at some point in the distant future.

Best place to eat in Daylesford right now...?

Wednesday night at the Old Hepburn hotel is pretty hard to beat. 

Best advice you've ever been given?

Go with what your gut feeling, anything is possible.

Finish this sentence - if I didn't make wine I'd... build interesting houses.

Who's making the best wine in Australia?

So Tough to single out... So much choice, it's all about the producer who cares about place & practice in the vineyard. Then not interfering in the winery to produce something fresh & alive that speaks of a home.
(Si Vinters, Tom Shobbrook, Vanya Cullen, Michael Dhillon, John Nagorcka, Allen & Josh Cooper, Ben Haines, Gareth Belton, Taras Octoha ,Julian Castagna, Joe Holyman)

Favourite song right now?

Kaytranada - Lite Spots


Try Owen's wine - LattaVINO - at Mental Notes #2.