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Mike Bennie - Mental Notes #2 Q&A

When Mike Bennie isn’t wandering vineyards on the four corners of the globe, he is a freelance wine and drinks writer, journalist and presenter. A lot of his work appears in the highly regarded publication Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine, he is wine/drinks editor for delicious. magazine, and he is Editor-At-Large and contributor/writer to Australia’s most interactive wine commentary website, WineFront.

We asked him some questions..:

What's the favourite wine you make?

When I am drinking Brian, I like the Three Pinots. It’s great over ice. It does rose and light red at once. It looks pretty. It combines freshness and drinkability in a garnet-hued liquid. It’s non-gross red wine. It’s non-gross white wine.

Best place to eat in Sydney right now...?

Out of the garbage bins at Moon Park now they are closed. I just go and stare at the balcony and smell their refuse to remind myself of how much I liked eating there. When I get moved on, I eat at Sultan’s Table on Enmore Rd. That charcoal grill…

Best advice you've ever been given?

Get a real job.

Finish this sentence - if I didn't make wine I'd... be stripping for cash. Or writing about wine.

Who's making the best wine in Australia?

Long piece of string, that one. People making honest stuff from healthy vineyards, hopefully they have tended to themselves. Most people making a rose are good in my book. Rose is great.

Favourite song right now?

George Golla – The Dancers


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