What happens when a wine obsessed dude starts importing his own wine? MAGIC. Ryan Larkin is killing the game at the moment with some of the best value wines coming into Australia out of France... 

We asked him some questions..:

What's the favourite wine you import?

Tricky... but if I had to choose one I would say Domaine Léonine Carbone 14. It's 100% Grenache from 70 year old vines grown on granite soils. The different terroirs really express themselves in Stéphane Morin's wines, and I swear you can taste the granite in this one. Carbone is packed with flavour, has great structure, minerality and incredible length. But it also has a freshness to it as it has undergone 21 days carbonic maceration. I guess I should mention that I'm bringing it to Mental Notes #2.

Best place to eat in Melbourne right now...?

Man, there are so many at the moment. And there are a few places that I haven't been to yet so this may not be fair... Anyway, I like places that are relaxed with good vibes and not too much fuss. Warm, friendly, professional service is really important and key to the overall experience. Quality dishes of substance and of course, a great wine list. I'm going to go with Embla.

Best advice you've ever been given?

If you don't try, you'll never know. Force yourself to get outside of your comfort zone and take (calculated) risks. Go with your instincts. 

Finish this sentence - if I didn't make wine I'd... Like to get involved in a global waste prevention program. I will at some point but just don't have enough time at the moment as apart from importing wine, I'm also working another full time job. There are 8 billion people on this one planet that we have, and it really bugs me the amount of unnecessary waste we create on a daily basis. Single use plastics are the worst. We are essentially slowly poisoning our planet and therefore, ourselves. Most people don't even think about it or realise how bad it is. I'd like to raise awareness and create change through education. The way we are going is not sustainable and I think we have a duty to preserve the planet for future generations.

Who's importing the best wine in Australia?

Andrew Guard. He has so many good wines on his portfolio and everything is of such high quality - and consistent quality too. He obviously has very high standards. Even if you haven't tried a wine before but see his name on the back of the bottle, you can bet it will be good.

Favourite song right now?

De La Soul - Pain


Try Larkin Import's wine at Mental Notes #2.